Site Redesign
"Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix" - Christina Baldwin

After an amazing amount of procrastination, I've finally managed to redesign the site. All old links still work (if they don't, please let me know by emailing me at 'bill at this domain name').

Why? Two reasons: 1) I found my old layout limiting for what I want to do and, 2) Something in my toolchain got borked and I wasn't able to update my main page. This last one was a godsend because I decided that - rather than troubleshooting the problem, I'd put that energy toward my redesign.

Notable changes:

  • No more MovableType. I got a lot of mileage out of using MT, but in the end I hated having to use a database to store what is essentially static data. Furthermore, the templates and even writing of entries was a bit too much of a flow-mismatch. I wanted to write copy and edit layout in vim and just push the changes to the server. Now I'm using docpad and I have pretty much exactly that workflow

  • My "Thoughts on..." blog is no longer the main page. Right now, the main page is pretty sparse, but as I add more projects (I have some in mind, it'll start to fill up some more. For now, it's an easy way to get at some of the more popular material on my site, and...

  • My dabbling in Fiction. A few years back I started writing flash fiction under my middle name ("Edward"). I haven't in a while, but I hope to start again. So, now that's here too.

  • Total style overhaul. Hope you like it, because I'm sticking with it for a while. My goal was minimalism. This site has always been about what I write. Therefore I want to make it easy to find the stuff here and read it with no distractions.

  • No comments. This may change at some point (I had embedded Disqus but removed it) as I'm going with the Oatmeal Philosophy - I'm struggling against several years of writers block. Feedback can be great, but it can also demotivate. I need to avoid demotivators as I ramp this up.

That's it now that I have put everything I could see I needed in place, I'm outta excuses. Whether that means I'll be writing more, we'll have to see...