Installing MIT Scheme on 64-bit ubuntu

A quick note on installing MIT Scheme on 64 bit ubuntu (which I was doing because I'm diving into SICP again) -- you can't, well you can, but you may run into an error because is missing. This happens because there is currently no 64-bit version of MIT Scheme (though one is coming).

If this is your situation, here's what you can do:

  1. Install MIT Scheme. Follow the install instructions here. If you try to run scheme from command line you should get an error saying that it can't find
  2. Install get libs
  3. Now use getlibs to install the ubuntu libmhash packages (e.g.):
    sudo getlibs -p libmhash-dev libmhash2
  4. Type scheme at a command line. You should get a prompt

That's it, scheme should work now (or at least start - I haven't moved far beyond this yet). If you try this and run into an issue leave a comment, and I'll update the article and/or see if I can help.

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