The Steelers
"Yoy, And Double Yoy!" - Myron Cope

Congratulations to my hometown Pittsburgh Steelers on their pending trip to the Super Bowl after a great run in the AFC playoffs. Go Steelers!

I have vivid (and fond) memories of the pandemonium in my hometown (about 40 miles outside of Pittsburgh) after the Steelers beat the Rams in Super Bowl XIV -- hard to believe that was 26 years ago.

Other Fond Steeler-related memories for me include: meeting (and having my picture taken) with Rocky Bleier when I was about 11, and playing at Three-Rivers Stadium for the conference championship for my senior year in High School (we lost 19-0, but it was a memorable experience nonetheless).

A less-fond, but still vivid memory stems from an encounter with my childhood hero Mike Webster. My dad and I had gone to a Steeler game, and I was so keen to get Webster's autograph that I talked my dad into waiting by the player's exit for what seemed like forever. Finally, he came out -- and walked right by me without acknowledging me in any way. That's hard on a little kid and I was really disappointed, but eventually got over it (he was still the greatest center who ever lived after all) -- especially later once I realized that he might have been too ill to notice (for more follow the link).

Anyway, I'm not known for following football too much, but I've really followed the NFL this season. I credit (blame?) Tivo and the HBO show "Inside the NFL" for changing that this year. Apparently, I picked a good season to pay attention. Watching the Steelers in Super Bowl XL will be a great finish.

Hopefully this year, Pittsburgh will get the mythic "One for the Thumb."