CruiseControl .NET at 1.0

First, Happy New Year all!

Belated kudos to Mike Roberts, Owen Rogers and the rest of the CruiseControl.NET team for reaching 1.0!

CCNET is a project near and dear my heart for many reasons -- not least of which is I am a (pretty much honorary at the moment) admin of the project.

Continuous Integration has been my area of particular interest in the eXtreme Programming practices canon for many years now. During my time at ThoughtWorks, I even started writing a book on the topic (more than once), although time (and focus) constraints, along with a horrible (and enduring) case of writer's block, frustrated my efforts. Writing a book is hard work, my hat is off to everyone who succeeds in doing so (some day I still hope to join them).

Given my current responsibilities (and quite frankly a flagging interest in Agile evangelism), I don't expect to complete a book on CI though. I may however start posting excepts from my draft here. At least that way they may be useful.