Possible NUnit Feature

In a discussion about documentation, code examples and what not today, I had a thought that I wanted to jot down somewhere, and here is as good as anywhere:

Would it be valuable to find a way to mark certain NUnit tests as examples, and have them included in the generated help file as the example for a class?

At first I was thinking an attribute e.g. [Example(Class.Method)] but the problem with that is that attributes are resovled at run time, and its the source we want. Of course, the VS.NET commenting xml markup has an "example" element, but that would mean copying the source into the comments (ick).

Another issues I see is finding an easy way to associate the test with the specific method or class that it is an example of (the parameter to an attribute can be used, but still doesn't resovle the attribute's main problem).

Oh well, I'll have to think about it some more, but I think there's something in there worth figuring out...